Adeline Says Goodbye and Hello to Relationships with “Twilight”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 17, 2020

Adeline is the French-Caribbean songstress you really need to familiarize yourself if you’re at all a fan of R&B. When she’s not touring for herself, Adeline plays bass in CeeLo Green’s band and crafts her own music tirelessly. Ahead of her forthcoming Intérimes EP, Adeline is blessing us with a seductive new single, “Twilight.”

On “Twilight,” Adeline shared,

“‘Twilight’ is about a relationship that’s ending. It’s that particularly painful moment when you realize that it’s over. You have nothing left to give and there’s nothing left to say.”

As we’re greeted with soothing tambourines and delicate keys, “Twilight” sets the mood for Adeline’s liberating story. Those of us who have been caught between relationships know exactly what Adeline means when she says she has nothing left to say. The accompanying visual features Adeline in all her beauty and grace as she reflects on the past and envisions the future with “Twilight.”

“The twilight is the period from dawn to sunrise or sunset to dusk. It’s the moment of realization that there is a transition coming. It’s saying goodbye to something while saying hello to the next.”

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