Troi Irons Is Rightfully Moving On with “miss u now.”

Photo Credit: Troi Irons (@troimusic)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 13, 2020

Troi Irons has been on our radar for two years now, and it’s about time we introduce you to the rising indie alternative songstress. With musicians as parents, Irons prides herself on writing and producing her own music–already setting herself apart from other aspiring artists. Iron’s authenticity rings loud and clear in every release, but especially in her delicate new single, “miss u now.”  

Being the captivating storyteller she is, Irons is fully committed to recounting narratives exactly as she knows them. Because of this truthfulness, “miss u now.” has Irons stripping down to her core as she recognizes how strong and independent she truly is. Although “miss u now.” features gorgeous vocals and charming acoustics, Irons’ vulnerable lyricism is what makes us understand how special this Los Angeles native really is. 

On her upbringing, Troi Irons shared,

“My earliest memories are of feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. In a sense, I value this alienation because it forces me to value truth over comfort. A lot of people don’t like that – they’d rather keep their eyes closed, ears shut. So it drives this cycle and I become stranger than I was. And I hate that.”

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