seeyousoon Shares an Important Message in “ICFWT”

Photo Credit: Anand Sheth (@yikesanand)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 13, 2020

As musical collectives seem to become more prevalent, it’s our job to introduce you to the best of these rising groups. With that being said, it’d be a shame to not bring seeyousoon to your attention because they’re absolutely blowing us away with their hip hop, neo-soul, indie, and everything in between. Ahead of their highly anticipated debut album VIDÉ, seeyousoon is blessing us with yet another infectious new single, “ICFWT.”

The members of this Florida based nine-piece don’t shy away from eclectic soundscapes, nor do they hold anything back when it comes to thoughtful lyricism. seeyousoon’s latest effort, “ICFWT” is a desperate plead for us to free ourselves from the past, truly live in the present, and accept our bright future. With impeccable harmonies and otherworldly instrumentals, “ICFWT” is everything we could’ve asked for.

On “ICFWT,” seeyousoon reflected,

“‘ICFWT’ is simultaneously a question and a call to action. The song is meant to ask the listener to release themselves from the chains that bind them to the past, plant both feet in the present day, and look bravely to the future. It is our hope that anyone who listens is willing to look at the scars and bruises that paint their skin in celebration, and not with regret.”

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