Stalking Gia Reclaims Independence in “The Kindest Thing”

Photo Credit: Adrian Nina (@adriannina)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 10, 2020

Being some sort of precious enigma, Stalking Gia is truly a blessing to the alternative pop scene. The New York-based artist adds a magical touch to every track she’s ever lent a hand to, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. As she prepares to release her forthcoming debut project, SEASON 1, Stalking Gia is teasing us with an intriguing new single, “The Kindest Thing.”

On “The Kindest Thing,” Stalking Gia reflected,

“‘[The Kindest Thing]’ is a celebration of freedom. The switch from being codependent to independent. Not feeling bitter, but in fact better.”

“The Kindest Thing” is as deceitful as it is intoxicating. With Stalking Gia’s playful vocals luring us in with the first verse, we’re completely fooled by the thrilling chorus. As bursts of glitchy electronics are thrown our way throughout the dynamic track, “The Kindest Thing” leaves us stunned and desperate for more.

“I want you to get lost in my music. I’d love to give everyone a euphoric experience. Shut off the outside world and dive into my fantasy. Maybe you can even feel inspired and magical. I do.”

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