The Naruto-Inspired “Konoha” Is Juice’s Reflection of Personal Growth

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 10, 2020

Freshman year of college was certainly a time to remember for the seven members of Juice because that’s when they all met in Boston. Trust us when we say these talented genre benders are innovative and creative like no one else we’ve seen before. With a new EP in the works, Juice leaves us stunned with yet another infectious single, “Konoha.” 

Fusing together elements of pop, R&B, rock, and hip hop, Juice is exceptional at what they do. A prime example of this, “Konoha” has Juice exploring the pain that comes with broken friendships and lost romances. Not only is “Konoha” a ballad about self-growth, but it’s just as much a homage to the popular anime Naruto–as Konoha is the protagonist’s village. 

On “Konoha,” Juice explained,

“‘Konoha’ considers personal growth as it relates to romantic love and friendships. It’s about looking around you and realizing that there are all these experiences to have and all these people to appreciate and all these reasons to love them. So it’s a love song about growing, or a growth song about love, or a song about one of our favorite TV shows.”

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