[Q&A] RALPH TV’s ‘Cabin Fever Dreams’ Is an Actual Daydream

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 9, 2020

It’s only been a few years since RALPH TV made their stellar debut, but they’ve already seemed to master their refreshing indie sound. With hints of psychedelia, RALPH TV’s impressive discography is filled with endless grooves and tasty synths that’ll leave you speechless. Now in 2020, RALPH TV is more than ready to deliver their highly anticipated debut album, Cabin Fever Dreams.

On Cabin Fever Dreams, RALPH TV reflected,

“With the album we really wanted to produce something coherent that summed up our daily experience. A manifestation of our collective daydreams over the course of the past 12 months. That’’s how we thought of the title of the record.”

To celebrate the release of their new music, we recently chatted with RALPH TV about lawsuits, Marmite, and of course, Cabin Fever Dreams

HH: Rumor has it you guys were first known as Ralph’s World, but you had to change your name after someone threatened to take legal action. Now that you guys have seen major success as RALPH TV, does it finally feel right to you?

RT: Yeah, we received a cease and desist via email from a gentleman in Chicago who was using the same name. Was very surprised as we only had a few hundred followers at the time and as he was a children’s entertainer, we were going for very different audiences, but it’s how we ended up with RALPH TV so it feels like fate intervening in its strange way.                                                                       

HH: We feel like some people don’t understand the measures artists will go to to support their music career… What jobs have you guys worked to continue funding RALPH TV?

RT: Isaac and I have worked mainly in kitchens for the last couple years. Ben works in retail and Luke builds amps. All pretty hands on stuff; we’re not office boys just yet. I had a short stint as a pizza delivery guy recently. That was pretty decent. 

HH: Cabin Fever Dreams is inspired by some major escapism, which is certainly something many of us can relate to as we remain in our homes. What’s the overall message of the album?

RT: I don’t think there’s a defining message as such on the album. As you say it’s born out of a need to escape from your everyday scenario, and when we’re at home we write music to get that escape so the two go hand in hand. If there is something to take away from the album, I guess we aim for it to be a feeling of contentment and calm–hopefully people can resonate with that mood.

HH: How does it feel to finally have your debut album out in the world? 

RT: It feels like quite a milestone to put out an album. It’s certainly a big thing to take on, especially when you approach it DIY and record most of it yourself. But it’s scary too. The spotlight gets shown on you and suddenly you’re just at the mercy of everyone’s individual opinions and tastes. We all believe in what we’re doing though and with all this newfound free time we might just have album two written sooner than we’d thought.

HH: “Taxi Boy” seems to be a fan favorite off the new record. Which track did you have the most fun creating?

RT: I’d say “Strung” was a really fun one to make. It’s got more of an upbeat funkiness to it and those tend to be my favorite tracks of ours. “Making Movements” is another that I look back fondly on.

HH: Let’s pretend you all had to be stuck in a cabin together for a solid year. If you could bring one item each, what would it be?

RT: Ben’s would be his dog Teddy, which would suit all of us to be honest. Isaac’s would be his beloved coffee machine. Luke would take his telecaster to jam on. Mine would have to be a year’s worth of Marmite in a suitable container.

HH: What are your three hidden hits (underrated songs by rising artists you love)?

RT: “Really Something” by Hector Gachan, “Contain It by Egyptian Blue, and “Resent” by Ebi Soda.

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