[Q&A] Samantha Patten Is ‘Saved for Somebody’ Worthy of Her

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 8, 2020

Hailing from Bristol, Connecticut is a rising R&B artist who knows exactly what she wants. Samantha Patten confidently walked away from a major record label to take ownership of her artistic creativity, which she’s been taking full advantage of since her bold departure. An impressive collection of seven captivating tracks, Saved for Somebody is Patten’s incredible new EP that’ll make you understand why she deserves to be on your radar.

On Saved for Somebody, Samantha Patten reflected,

“With this project, I want people to be able to connect and reflect on situations that were not meant for them… Things may not be working out with others for a variety of reasons but that’s okay. Your person is out there and may even be right in front of your face. Your so-called ‘person’ may even be staring back at you in the mirror every day.”

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with Samantha Patten about her vocal routine, heartbreak, and of course, Saved for Somebody.

HH: We’ve had Saved for Somebody on repeat since it was released… How does it feel for the EP to finally be out in the world?  

SP: Oh wow, thank you so much! I feel the biggest sense of relief. It’s been a long time coming. It took a lot of will power to silence the negative and critical voices in my head that were holding me back from taking this step as an artist. It feels like my firstborn is finally walking on their own and now I’m ready to have another baby!  

HH: Your stunning vocals are angelic, wholesome, and everything we could’ve dreamed of. What do you do to take care of your vocal chords?

SP: Y’all got me over here blushing! I treat my voice like any other muscle in my body. I try to practice and train my voice daily, staying hydrated with water and tea. And just like any other muscle, rest is VITAL for your vocals. I’ve had incredible voice coaches that have introduced me to the Deva Method and the Alexander Technique for training. If you’re in the NYC area looking for a voice coach, Pyeng Threadgill is a SAINT and will change your life!

HH: What was it like working with Matt Fredette on Saved for Somebody?

SP: Working with him was seamless and so much fun. Matt is one of my best friends. He’s a renaissance man! We’ve been making music together for about eight years. We’ve both grown tremendously. I can be 100% myself with him, I can mess up, I can experiment and not feel judged or rushed. It’s a safe and productive creative environment. I think it’s important to have someone you trust in the room when you’re creating from such a vulnerable place. He’s been here throughout the whole journey from engineering and producing to visuals to shooting a whole music video! He’s my creative partner and I’m so grateful to celebrate this success with him.

HH: Rumor has it the opening track “Cliffhanger” inspired the EP title. Is this your favorite track or did it just seem right to have Saved for Somebody named after the song?

SP: My favorite song on the project changes daily so I’m not sure! Honestly, “Cliffhanger” wasn’t even going to be on this project but we loved it so much and decided last minute. It was the last song recorded before we sent the EP off to be mixed. It just seemed very fitting for the project. When Matt and I were recording “Cliffhanger,” the line “saved for somebody” just hit us in the chest. A few days later, I decided that was the title of the EP.

HH: All these songs were written from a place of heartbreak, but the creative process seems to have offered some sort of healing to you. How are you doing now that you’ve gotten all of these songs off your chest?

SP: I feel like I finally closed the books on those experiences. I’ve always been someone that has to analyze how I’m feeling and why before I feel comfortable communicating before reacting. Music just helps me release the emotions faster and provides a sense of closure. I feel grateful for those heartbreaks because they’ve produced art from a pure and honest place.

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

“Garden Kisses” by Giveon 

“For the Better” by Topaz Jones

I don’t believe all of her music is up right now but this MC from Newark, Freakquencee. Performances are amazing. She’s insanely talented.

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