The Elwins Is Edgier than Ever in “Take Me All the Way”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2020

The Elwins didn’t halt their extensive touring solely because of the pandemic; the Newmarket four-piece could sense that their fans were itching for new music, so that’s exactly what they so generously delivered. Although The Elwins is widely recognized for their signature pop rock sound, they’re channeling good-ole rock ‘n’ roll for their forthcoming record. Before they unleash the full-length album, The Elwins thought it’d only be right to tease us with an electrifying new single, “Take Me All the Way.”

On “Take Me All the Way,” The Elwins shared,

“This song fits in that zone I love where it’s an upbeat sounding song with sad/introspective lyrics. Very excited for this to be the first taste of what people hear from the new album. I feel like this is one of the songs that helped us dial in where we wanted to head vibe-wise.”

Comprising of bright individuals capable of philosophical thinking, The Elwins crafted an edgy anthem that rejects existentialism and encourages us to live presently. The innovative bass lines and intricate guitar hooks are too good to pass up, and don’t even get us started on the overall aura this hard-hitting track gives off. Directed by Wyatt Clough, the accompanying visual is an entirely black and white performance shot with retro lenses that’ll remind you of film noir back in the day. 

“I feel like if you focus on the future too much, you just don’t enjoy what’s happening now and you can stress yourself out and get worried and start panicking and everything.”

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