Stevie Ray Delivers “Nothing But Love” and Fresh Verses

Photo Credit: William Rushton (@williamdubb)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2020

The Bay Area has certainly emerged with plenty of talent, but Stevie Ray is a stand out selection we’ve been fortunate enough to discover. Born as the son of a musician, the rising hip hop artist has spent plenty of time trying to figure out who he is as both an individual and a performer. Although he doesn’t have everything sorted quite yet, Ray is pleased to deliver a delectable new single, “Nothing But Love.”

Featuring J. Lately and Kristina Urgel, “Nothing But Love” is written all about love in every sense of the word. With an R&B flow layered on hip hop beats, “Nothing But Love” showcases Ray’s righteous storytelling and reveals his true virtues. Before you turn your attention to the next emerging hip hop artist, we highly suggest you add Stevie Ray to your radar sooner rather than later. 

On “Nothing But Love,” Stevie Ray shared,

“‘Nothing But Love’ is a celebration of love and a rejection of capitalist programming. It’s about loving people now, and letting go of the idea that you have to become someone to be someone. Some folks got everything in the world, but the only thing that anyone needs is love.”

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