Jared Minnix Begs You to “Slow Down” and Call Your Parents

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2020

We’re so glad Jared Minnix relocated from Virginia to Tennessee because if he hadn’t, the rising pop artist may not have become the thriving musician he is today. Although Minnix isn’t exactly like today’s enormous popstars, that’s precisely what we love about him. With an urge to create pop music that differs from the rest, Minnix is pleased to present his comforting new single, “Slow Down.”

On “Slow Down,” Jared Minnix shared,

“Just like everything happening right now in the world, none of this was planned. I didn’t think I would be releasing a new song this spring, or much less a music video, but God had other plans.”

In a time of chaos, “Slow Down” serves as a reminder to breathe and relish in the simplest pleasures. Whether it’s calling your parents or learning how to cook, there are plenty of minor things we can do to calm our minds while the outside world is in mayhem. The self-directed music video follows a quarantined Minnix around the house as he mows the lawn, shreds on guitar, and watches The Office for the seventeenth time.

“I hope you can relate to this song. It’s genuine, relevant, and encouraging. I hope it makes you dance, smile, and brings joy into each of your lives. Slow down, make the most of where we are at, and call your parents because they miss you.”

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