“Burning Bridges” Isn’t a Bad Thing for Ella Vos

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Most known for being an advocate of modern women, Ella Vos crafts the loveliest indie pop ballads that’ll remind you of how impactful women are to the world. As someone who has experienced postpartum depression and a complicated divorce, among several other life obstacles, Vos is now lending her voice to those who seek understanding. From her forthcoming sophomore album Turbulence, Vos is treating us to a thought provoking new single, “Burning Bridges.”

On “Burning Bridges,” Ella Vos revealed,

“‘Burning Bridges’ is about setting healthy boundaries. I’ve always struggled with boundaries and have a hard time speaking up for what I want or need. I constantly try to make everyone else feel okay, even if I suffer.” 

As Vos takes us on a sonic journey through bubbly synths and heartwarming vocals, “Burning Bridges” sheds light on why it’s important to always keep our own health high on our priority list. Because of the countless hardships Vos has found herself in, she realizes that this is an imperative message everyone needs to hear. Between the stirring electronics and the stunning track’s wholesome moral, we’re absolutely in love with “Burning Bridges” and Ella Vos.

“When I became a mom, had postpartum depression, got diagnosed with lymphoma, and went through a divorce, it was clear that if I was going to survive, I needed to make some changes. I learned that taking care of myself first was the best way I could take care of the people around me.” 

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