GAYLE Redeems Generation “z” with Lighthearted Video

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fisco (@jimmyfisco)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2020

GAYLE may only be 15 years old, but this Nashville pop newcomer has the brilliant mind of someone who’s lived much longer than she really has. She currently only has two singles under her belt, but this rising star is ready to take the music world by storm one radio hit at a time. To those that criticize Generation Z, GAYLE claps back with an astonishing new single, “z.”

On “z,” GAYLE reflected,

“Funny enough, Twitter and the meme culture against Gen Z is what really inspired the song. Of course, I’ve dealt with drama inside friend groups, which helped shape the song, but honestly, I owe quite a bit of the inspiration to Twitter.”

Lending her voice to the online community, GAYLE empowers her generation through mature lyricism and moving storytelling. With driving percussion layered beneath GAYLE’s mesmerizing vocals, “z” is an ode to undermined young people everywhere. The accompanying visual is drenched with green accents throughout performance shots, tennis courts, and baking sessions that’ll have you relishing in GAYLE’s sweet melodies. 

“When I write a song, I almost immediately associate a color with it. ‘Z’ was green from the beginning for me, so I always wanted some aspect of the color in every scene. The whispering in the ear scene was inspired from the first verse, and I knew I wanted that to be a video visual too.”

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