DYLYN Reveals Her Dark Side in “Something to Lose”

Photo Credit: Zak Nuttall (@zaknuttall)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2020

Growing up on the outskirts of Toronto, Gwendolyn Lewis was raised heavily on Led Zeppelin and Blondie. After adopting the moniker DYLYN, she spent the better part of last year in Los Angeles and Vancouver collaborating with Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) and Colin Munroe (Kendrick Lamar) on her forthcoming album. In her electrifying new single, “Something to Lose,” DYLYN reveals the darker side to her we’ve all been waiting for. 

With elements of electro-pop and alternative rock, “Something to Lose” shares the narrative of someone who once thought they were invincible and untouchable. Once someone else enters the picture, our protagonist realizes that their heart is capable of love after all. The haunting visual for “Something to Lose” features DYLYN dressed with devil horns and a Black Sabbath tee as she gets touchy with a love interest. What happens next in this eerie tale is up to you to uncover…

On “Something to Lose,” DYLYN reflected,

“There seems to be a theme of an underlining darkness in this song, and most of the record. I’ve enjoyed bringing out other characters that live within my spirit. It’s nice to dance along the dark side at times.” 

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