Bo Baskoro Apologizes to an Ex in “Close Enough”

Photo Credit: Kristina Strickland (@kristinaskool)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 3, 2020

Bo Baskoro is making Portland proud one alternative pop banger at a time. His use of digital and analog sound creates an otherworldly soundscape that you can’t replicate even if you tried. With imagery as moving as ever, Bo Baskoro once again leaves us in awe with his touching new single, “Close Enough.”

Whereas he typically writes songs about others hurting him, Baskoro is switching gears and putting the blame on himself where he sees fit. “Close Enough” features delectable synths layered above lively electronics that’ll make you appreciate Baskoro’s undeniable ingenuity. The accompanying visual follows Baskoro as he navigates through a romantic relationship that he may or may not ultimately destroy… It’s up to you to find out!

On “Close Enough,” Bo Baskoro reflected,

“A lot of times, I write about how somebody hurt me or did me wrong. ‘Close Enough’ is me taking responsibility for the mistakes Iʼve made that separated me from someone I loved and the hurt I never wanted to cause.”

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