Tally Spear Searches for Happiness in “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 2, 2020

Tally Spear doesn’t just use music as a creative outlet; the British songstress typically adds social commentary in her thought-provoking lyricism to spark a universal conversation. Still very much a newcomer to the alternative pop scene, Spear already has plans to unleash her debut EP this summer. Before then, we’re pleased to introduce you to the versatile talent with her dynamic new single, “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For.”

With heavy basslines and grungy guitars, “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For” is an anthem for those who are searching for meaning in society. In an obsessive world full of social media addicts and fame chasers, Spear finds it nearly impossible to establish genuine relationships and create authentic experiences. From just “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For,” we can confidently say Tally Spear deserves to be on your radar–so what are you waiting for?

On “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For,” Tally Spear explained,

“We’re always looking for something, someone, to make us ‘happy.’ You begin questioning what it is you’re trying to find, and if it even exists. This song is about the struggle to find meaningful relationships, experiences, and the difficulty of just being content in this society.” 

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