Afonso Offers Light through Soul and Jazz with “Luz”

Photo Credit: André Sá (@andreccsa)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 1, 2020

Before Afonso came along, soul and jazz had never sounded so good. The emerging crooner, who’s now based in London, evokes a classy sound that we can’t find elsewhere. With only one previously released track, Afonso continues to make his mark with his sultry new single, “Luz.”

The smokey track serves as a self-analysis with Afonso recognizing that self-development and self-discovery are essential to building good character. Directly translated as “light” in his mother’s tongue of Portuguese, “Luz” is meant to enlighten listeners by introducing them to the spiritual process of self-curated happiness. With jazzy soundscapes, alluring strings, and Afonso’s seductive vocals, “Luz” blows us away one beat at a time.

On “Luz,” Afonso shared,

“‘Luz’ is out now!! Light is what we all need! Enjoy it.” 

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