Joshua Perez Mends “Broken” Hearts with Touching Piano Melodies

Photo Credit: Tanisha Bassan (@tanisha.bassan)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 31, 2020

With three singles already released this year, 2020 is bound to see Joshua Perez’s rise to success. The pop and R&B artist first got into classical music as a child, but began posting covers online as a teenager. Years later, the Toronto native has made an impressive name for himself, and continues to do so with a heartbreaking new single, “Broken.”

Although he has been suffering through one of life’s greatest tragedies, Perez refuses to let this hiccup control his future. Written about the horrible fear that comes with breakups, “Broken” features impeccable piano melodies layered beneath Perez’s vulnerable vocals. Although “Broken” is likely to bring tears to your face, let this emotional track be a reminder of how powerful Perez’s songwriting can be.

On “Broken,” Joshua Perez shared,

“The song is a reflection of the pain I felt while growing up. It’s the reminder of the constant struggle I have every day battling my emotions and trying to keep them from eating me alive. I suffer through my pain trying hard to get better and I hope others don’t ever have to feel what I feel.”

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