Josh Lambert Keeps His Head High in “On and On”

Photo Credit: Danny Robak (@dannyrobak)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 31, 2020

Josh Lambert has always enjoyed listening to alternative music, but now he’s finally letting himself explore that side of him as an artist. The Bay Area native recently rediscovered his love of guitar that eventually inspired him to create music in the alternative realm. As he strays away from his signature hip hop, Lambert is seriously breaking boundaries–starting with his gritty new single, “On and On.”

On “On and On,” Josh Lambert reflected,

“‘On and On’ is a personal reflection of heartbreak and learning how to overcome it. When vices and manipulation negatively affect a relationship, it is important to move past them and not let them get to you. Sometimes when negative events occur, people let it eat at them and it kills their confidence. I learned to not let anything affect me in the long run and to keep my head high.”

Although we hear some emo-rap influence in “On and On,” the sound Lambert is striving for is like nothing we’ve heard from him before. Lyrically, “On and On” sheds light on the complicated concept of love and heartbreak, but also offers a shimmer of hope for listeners. As the compelling track draws to a close, the steady percussion and Lambert’s mellow vocals remain in our ears. 

“I never want to be limited by genre. ‘On and On’ is my first single of 2020 in the alternative realm and it feels more authentic. I will continue to make different genres of music, but the style of this one feels right.” 

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