Dylan Owen and Abhi the Nomad Shed Light on Their “Bruises” of Life

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 30, 2020

Dylan Owen has been making music for quite some time, but it’s not until his latest work that we’re completely blown away. As someone who refuses to remain silent, Owen uses his complex bars to convey messages of hope and truth with every release. At a time of world chaos, the New York City rapper teamed up with Abhi the Nomad for a stellar track about loneliness titled “Bruises.” 

Inspired by what he has described as rock bottom, “Bruises” offers a brutally honest look into Owen’s life as he was left frustrated by a disappointing business meeting about his music career. “Bruises” was created through a series of demo recordings sent between New York and Texas, where Abhi the Nomad is based. With just one listen of “Bruises,” it’s obvious that Abhi the Nomad and Owen have undeniable musical chemistry, which comes with their years long online friendship. 

On “Bruises,” Dylan Owen reflected,

“The mood of ‘Bruises’ is like a day where it’s permanently pouring rain, and a shield of gray permeates everything you see in the world. I wrote this song early on a Saturday morning in New York City where it was just like that. It had been a rough week after a big business meeting about my music turned out to be a major letdown. I wanted to take things into my own hands, just recording in my bedroom with nothing but my microphone and the beats on my computer.”

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