danny G Keeps Us “yung” with His Irresistible Flow Pop

Photo Credit: Brittain Clay (@brittain.clay)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 30, 2020

If you’re curious to know what “flow pop” is, look no further than danny G. At just 22 years old, the genre bender has crafted a unique soundscape that incorporates bouncy pop melodies and intricate rap verses that’s meant to inspire and spread love. As danny G continues to grow older as the days go by, he refuses to lose the very youthful spirit he cherishes–and he encourages us to do the same in his feel good new single, “yung.”

As a lighthearted public service announcement, “yung” calls on all millennials and Generation Z’ers to hold tight to their youth. Before back pain and student debt control your life, we highly suggest taking danny G’s wise advice. With upbeat keys and delightful choruses courtesy of our man danny G, “yung” is sure to leave an irresistible smile on your wrinkle-free face. 

On “yung,” danny G explained,

“‘yung’ is another youthful anthem, playing off of ‘long live.’ In the second verse, I shout out a whole bunch of hometown references and even the names of some of my closest friends so it’s a super special one to me. With this song, I just want to portray that feeling of youth and for people to feel that it’s okay to let loose once in a while and forget about the way we’re ‘supposed to act.’”

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