BAD’s “Dirty Laundry” Is a Kaleidoscope of Radiant Sonics

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 30, 2020

Comprised of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman, BAD is the next bold New York City duo destined to make it big. The talented pair has written together for over eight years, so it only makes sense that these two have a lasting connection like no other. With elements of modern pop, 80s funk, and everything in between, BAD is dancing their way into hearts with yet another fantastic new single, “Dirty Laundry.”

On “Dirty Laundry,” BAD reflected,

“The idea of ‘Dirty Laundry’ came up as a title/concept when Julia said it in a conversation in the context of revealing secrets or skeletons in your closet. Jackson had separately been working on a groovy track and was able to hear how the words ‘dirty laundry’ would fit into a chorus perfectly. From there, we worked on a talk/sing flow for the verses, which is a style we’ve incorporated a lot into our songwriting.”

“Dirty Laundry” is about airing out our deepest and darkest secrets in a relationship before the other person realizes they can’t handle these skeletons being out of the closet. A captivating kaleidoscope of sonics and colors, “Dirty Laundry” features vivid brass alongside funky guitars that’ll have you on the dance floor in no time. If there’s only one thing you choose to do today, we really hope listening to “Dirty Laundry” is your decision because we guarantee you won’t regret it.

“We all have baggage that we carry with us, so before you get too deep into a relationship with someone, you want to make sure they can handle all of the parts of you. We’ve all got issues–let’s just accept that in ourselves and each other and have a good time together!”

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