Bryce Drew Searches for True Love in “21”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 27, 2020

A bright 24 year old originally from Miami, Florida, Bryce Drew encompasses the very melting pot she lived in as a child. With influences that range from India.Arie to Amy Winehouse, Drew managed to find her way to Los Angeles, where she’s now recording with Grammy-winning producer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry) for her debut project. But before we get to hear that, Drew is treating us to a yearning new single, “21.”

On “21,” Bryce Drew reflected,

“I feel that most music and movies and novels make it seem that love is a thing you first find in high school. Personally, I think I’d always had the age 21 in my head because that’s how old my parents were when they met, plus, most of my favorite singers were singing about true love/ heartbreak by that age.”

Not everyone falls in love by the time they’re legally allowed to drink alcohol, but Drew was convinced otherwise when she hit the age of 21. As Drew longs for the passion she presumed everyone else was feeling at the time, “21” reminds us of the times we were blinded by what we falsely considered love. As Drew’s stunning vocals complement the gorgeous acoustics in “21,” we’re convinced that the 24 year old has found her true love in music. 

“It hit me one night in college that I was 21 and had yet to find anything close to love. I called my friends to go out to dinner and they were all out on dates. ’21′ was my emotional response, trying to find patience and understanding, questioning the struggle it has been for me to find a sense of belonging in another person the way the majority of people seem to come across so easily.”

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