LVRBOY and STRUAN Navigate Through Blameless Breakups in “make it”

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Day (@jacquelineday)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 26, 2020

For many of us, deep late night talks solidify close friendships and distinguish themselves from those of acquaintances or coworkers. But for LVRBOY and STRUAN, they’re taking BFF goals to the next level by collaborating on something that could only be interpreted as indie pop righteousness. It was about time that these two musical masterminds joined forces, and we’re more than thrilled with the end result: “make it.”

On “make it,” LVRBOY reflected,

“STRUAN & I wrote this song a few months ago about similar breakups we were going through. Neither of us wanted the relationships to end, and there wasn’t a clear “bad guy”–things simply weren’t working out. Because of that, it made moving on far more painful and less black and white.”

Written about simultaneous breakups, “make it” zeroes in on the fact that sometimes there’s no clear culprit to blame for the demise. With emotive electronics and personal lyricism, “make it” showcases the talented pair’s ability to collaborate with balanced efforts from both parts. Although LVRBOY and STRUAN were inspired by failed relationships, their friendship and artistic collaboration is something we really hope won’t end anytime soon.

“This song is about fighting for a relationship based on the initial potential you saw and slowly realizing it isn’t right. Over the last year we’ve become each other’s main co-writers and best friends, so a duet was inevitable. This song is very personal to both of us.”

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