LOONY Is Unapologetically Honest in “NO !”

Photo Credit: Erin Leydon (@erinleydon)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 26, 2020

It’s only been a month since LOONY dropped new music, but she just keeps getting better and better with more releases. The emerging Toronto artist crafts twinkly soundscapes that will truly whisk you away to another dimension. Her magnetic new single, “NO !” is merely a preview of what to expect from her forthcoming EP, JOYRiDE.

On releasing “NO !,” LOONY reflected,

“It all feels pretty surreal, I mean—over the last two weeks we sold out my first headline shows in Toronto, had plans in place to fly out and play these shows in the U.S. and Europe… and in the shortest turnaround time, it has all evaporated into thin air. And I’m not alone… it’s a crazy hard time for everyone in the music industry, it’s a crazy hard time for everyone in ANY industry.”

From just one listen of “NO !,” it’s quite evident that LOONY really lets herself be unapologetically honest in this vulnerable track. Her angelic harmonizations layered over gorgeous acoustics shine brighter than we could’ve imagined. Towards the end of “NO !,” we catch a sample of LOONY’s grandmother in the beat, which is absolutely adorable. 

“But, there is such a huge difference between being inconvenienced and truly having your life at stake. So, for right now, I’m grateful. I felt, and still feel, a little weird about going forth and releasing the new music I had been planning to release, pre-virus, but I know that music and all art can be a balm in troubled times. And these troubled times will too pass. Until then, hopefully having something new to listen to can help nurture even a slight sense of normalcy for some people—whether they are either quarantined and bored at home, or forced to still go out into a world that is really rather scary and uncertain right now. If I can provide even a minute or two of relief, just through listening and grooving along, I’m happy.”

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