[Q&A] Funk and Soul Has Never Sounded So Good with Franc Moody’s ‘Dream in Colour’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 24, 2020

It’s 2020, and funk and soul has never sounded so good… all thanks to Franc Moody. The London collective came to be from the warehouse scene in Tottenham years ago, but now they’re easily one of the most eclectic six-pieces we’ve been completely obsessed with. Begging people to let loose on the dancefloor, Franc Moody has once again exceeded our expectations with their dazzling new album, Dream in Colour.

On Dream in Colour, Franc Moody explained,

“‘Dream in Colour’ is our debut album, all the best bits that have come out of our studio cupboard in Northwest London over the last year. It’s a collection of tunes we’re really proud of. It’s been a real DIY labor of love to make, with inspiration taken from all the experiences and characters we’ve come across as Franc Moody. We hope it provides a release for listeners, and some time to dream in color, away from the hyper, information-driven world we live in today.”

To celebrate the release of their otherworldly new music, we recently chatted with Franc Moody about warehouse raves, show antics, and of course, Dream in Colour

HH: You all met in the warehouse scene in Tottenham years ago. Did you all initially feel like you were onto something when Franc Moody first came to be? 

FM: When we first joined forces, our time running warehouse raves in Tottenham had definitely run its course and come to a natural end. Initially, we had wanted to produce/write tunes for other artists but were convinced to start another artist project by our management Juicebox. Out of those early conversations with Adam and Becky, Franc Moody was born. Forging our sound through doing our first instrumental EP was a key moment for us. It quickly established the sound we were after; and the natural constraints of studio size, equipment, and weird percussion all played into that early Franc Moody palette. From the very beginning I think we felt that Franc Moody as a project had legs. Those initial thoughts were definitely confirmed when we dropped “Dopamine,” our first vocal track. It felt like we were putting out a track we were truly confident people would enjoy.

HH: Which artists influence your mesmerizing funk and soul sound?

FM: Too many to mention, but we’ll try! People like George Clinton, Jamiroquai, South Louisianan greats like The Meters, Lil Bob & The Lollipops, Clifton Chenier, Daft Punk, Khruangbin, Booker T & The MG’s, Jimmy McGriff… the list goes on and on! 

HH: How has Franc Moody evolved since 2018’s Dance Moves?

FM: Since then I think we’ve become clearer in the Franc Moody sound as a whole, and in what we want to say with each release. I guess Dream in Colour typifies this and is another landmark of our progression since then. 

HH: What’s the meaning behind the new album title, Dream in Colour?

FM: The title, Dream in Colour, definitely encapsulates all that we wanted to say within the record itself and is currently very much at the core of all things Franc Moody. Being able to Dream in Colour is to allow yourself the space to breathe, to express yourself, to release yourself from any mental shackles you may be carrying, and be present. We want our live shows to be a release, an hour whereas a communal gathering you can let loose, suspend reality for a while, and just exist in the moment. The title also nods at that often-difficult relationship we have with technology and real life. Are we constrained by advances in phones; for example, are we restricted by social media? Are we too dependent? All those things we wanted to explore, and Dream in Colour felt the best way to sum it all up!

HH: You guys are known for hosting concerts that feel like gigantic house parties. How do you manage to capture an entire room full of people and make them dance like there’s no tomorrow?

FM: Haha, well it’s a challenge to be honest. We spend a lot of time thinking about the set list and how the show ebbs and flows. For example, you don’t wanna put all the strong “hype” tunes at the beginning as you’ll peak too soon! We want to take the audience on a journey with us. Figuring out moments in the set to bring it down, or to unleash chaos, has taken a long time to refine but when you get it right, the effect can be massive. We want to try and encapsulate the energy we found when we used to host and play at our warehouse parties, but in every venue we go to, whether it be a sweaty club show, a theatre, or outside on a festival stage. It will be interesting to find out as we go along what kind of venues are best suited to the FM live experience. We’re learning little things like this all the time. Most importantly though, I think we write and produce our music with the idea that we’ll be taking it to the stage, and it’s that raucous, sweaty, infectious attitude we try and create right from the beginning of a track in the studio. When we finally get to the point to play the songs live, what better thing to do than to get five of your best mates who are insanely talented musicians to spark that collective energy!

HH: What’s one of the craziest things that’s happened at one of your shows? 

FM: There’s a moment in the show where we jam out at the end of “In Too Deep” and it’s literally mayhem. Anything goes for a few minutes… Luke and Ned might be playing each other’s guitars but still attached to their own, Rosy might be lying on the floor with her legs wheeling in the air, Jon might be trying to get on Ned’s shoulders or indeed may have launched himself into the crowd by this point. Meanwhile, Amber is calmly topping up her drink.

HH: If you could headline a show anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

FM: GLASTONBURY. No questions.

HH: What are your three hidden hits (underrated songs by rising artists you love)?

 FM: Joe Hertz ft. Sophie Faith – “Cross My Mind”

Also released via Juicebox (our label), this record is effortlessly smooth and an incredible piece of writing from these two. Sophie’s performance is stunning as usual. She is gonna be a star… watch that space!

Sharky – “Shade”

A great pal of ours who actually sang on an older track by us, “’Lunar.” This fresh banger from her is a sign of things to come. Recorded and produced just up the road from us by our dear pals Todd and Guy ‘The Hoff’ Speakman (who does our front of house sound on tour).

Phairo – “Celadon”

We big up this record, and EP, all the time! It’s just ridiculously good quality dance music with tasty playing and amazing production. We’re desperate for him to release some more music like this. But I know he’s busy producing for other people right now…

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