Dayo Bello Dedicates “Mum, the World Is Yours” to His Persevering Mother

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 23, 2020

Based in South East London, Dayo Bello grew up freestyling with his brothers and friends daily. With a respectable DIY approach, it only makes sense that Bello is incredibly meticulous when it comes to his intricate lyricism and versatile production. Our early 20s can be some of the most hectic years of our lives, but Bello has his priorities straight as he dedicates a sincere tune to his mother: “Mum, the World Is Yours.”

On “Mum, the World Is Yours,” Dayo Bello shared,

“I’ve always wanted to dedicate a song to my mother and last year I found myself in the studio, racking my brain for ideas for a song for these chords that were on loop. Initially, I was going to write about love (romance with a partner) but then thought about my mum and lyrics flowed so easily.”

With an old photo of his humble mother as the single artwork, “Mum, the World Is Yours” is easily one of the greatest gifts a mother could ask for. Bello reminisces on the very childhood that has led him to a life of artistry; a childhood filled with his mother’s sacrifices and suffering. Bello’s emotive vocals are layered over a steady beat, but somehow “Mum, the World Is Yours” gets our hearts pumping as we’re filled with radiance and gratification. 

“I’ve moved around about 11 times in my life with my mum and brothers. Things haven’t been easy nor the best, but she’s always found a way to make a way. Whether it is our birthdays: making us feel loved and celebrated or managing more than one job at a time to allow us to shower with hot water. For the first time in song format, I wanted to show my deepest appreciation for all she has done for me and for making me the person I am today. Which I feel has come out pretty good haha.”

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