Zander Hawley Releases Himself from His Ego with “Redcoats”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 20, 2020

Zander Hawley has always been incredibly self-aware, which certainly comes in handy when he’s writing music. The Los Angeles-based folk songwriter first started his career in high school with a band called Honeywater, but now he’s stronger than ever as an esteemed solo artist. With nothing holding him back, Hawley is proud to present his thoughtful new single, “Redcoats.” 

On “Redcoats,” Zander Hawley shared,

“‘Redcoats’ is about forgiveness, trying to release yourself from your ego, and the American Revolutionary War.” 

Although you may think the guitar driven track is solely about the eight years of American wartime, “Redcoats” actually tackles the concept of forgiveness. With Hawley recognizing the negligence we’ve grown accustomed to, he suggests that we seriously reflect on our egos and progress as humans. Hawley’s soulful crooning and lullaby-like vocals will have you nodding in agreeance before he hits the moving chorus. 

“‘Redcoats’ is out now!! With the way this week went, I forgot to be excited but now that it’s here, I’m bursting. I’m really really proud of this song and I hope you love it. Thankful again to my music dad, Andy D. Park, for pushing this song further than I thought it could go.”

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