eli. Comforts Us with “everything will be okay” in Desperate Times

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 19, 2020

Although eli. has only been in the music scene for a few years, he’s already managed to craft a DIY sound that has us begging for more. The West Virginia native has always prided himself on writing, producing, recording, and mixing all on his own, and all that sure has paid off. Ahead of the release of his forthcoming new album, undefined., eli. is comforting us with “everything will be okay” in these desperate times. 

On “everything will be okay,” eli. shared,

“As a result of being raised in a conservative Christian family from West Virginia, church was always a massive part of my life growing up. This song is one of my most personal yet and is just as much me telling myself that ‘everything will be okay,’ as it is telling other people who don’t know or understand their own beliefs that it will be okay for them too. Regardless of what my beliefs are, I have the innate feeling that whatever awaits for me beyond this life isn’t eternal misery and torture. I feel a tremendous sense of goodness out there in the universe.” 

As raw as it is vulnerable, “everything will be okay” explores deep into eli.’s past as we learn about his complicated relationship with religion. “everything will be okay” showcases eli’s effortless guitar plucking and smooth vocals as he relates to those who feel cast out. As we all hold tight to our loved ones, eli. confidently reassures us that “everything will be okay.”

“It’s a bit of a coincidence that the song is coming out right now in the midst of all that is happening with COVID-19. This song, of course, wasn’t written about what is happening in the world right now but honestly, it could apply in some sense. ‘Everything will be okay, we’ll live to see another day.’ Hopefully, everything will be okay with all of that too.”

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