Sam DeRosa Strips Down “Pill for This” with Poise

Photo Credit: Robert Chavers (@robertchavers)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 18, 2020

Entering multiple talent shows as a young New Yorker, Sam DeRosa never let failure get the best of her. Not only did she co-write the lovelytheband hit, “Broken,” but DeRosa also gained notable traction on NBC’s songwriting competition show, Songland. As a special treat for us, DeRosa is unveiling a stripped down performance of the gorgeous “Pill for This.”

On “Pill for This,” Sam DeRosa explained,

“The story around ‘Pill for This’ is about a feeling or person that you can’t shake. Isn’t it crazy how we can medicate for almost anything: headaches, sinuses, broken bones, but never for a broken heart? That’s where this song came from.” 

As DeRosa reflects on someone who she absolutely can’t take her mind off of, “Pill for This” has us questioning why there isn’t a simple cure for heartbreak. After listening to “Pill for This,” we’ve come to the conclusion that some things just aren’t meant to be solved so easily–just like our obsession with this rising songstress. DeRosa’s new acoustic rendition of “Pill for This” so perfectly showcases her velvety vocals alongside a classic acoustic guitar and nothing else. 

“There are a lot of people who can’t process what they’re feeling, so my responsibility as an artist and songwriter is to speak my truth as best I can with the hopes that it will help someone else who’s hurting.” 

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