Zoe Wees Makes Her Heartfelt Debut with “Control”

Photo Credit: Svenja Blobel (@svenja.blobel)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 17, 2020

Now that it’s 2020, Zoe Wees is no longer afraid to hide her talents from the world. The 17-year-old from Hamburg, Germany has already received praise from Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis, but she’s about to gain approval from just about every music lover in the universe. With beaming confidence, Wees is making her breathtaking debut with the touching “Control.”

Although you may have your own ideas on what “Control” is about, Wees actually wrote the stunning track about her experience with rolandic childhood epilepsy. Having gone through feelings of helplessness and exclusion, Wees touches on the very condition that has made her stronger than ever. Wee’s soaring vocals are undoubtedly the central focus of “Control,” and we’re so blessed to discover this rising talent early on. 

On “Control,” Zoe Wees reflected,

“The sickness was stronger than me, and left scars that have become part of my life. Accepting them has taken so much time, but they make me what I am today: a fighter.”

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