SVRCINA Loves “Flowers” of All Shapes and Sizes in Gorgeous Video

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Day (@jacquelineday)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 17, 2020

Ten years ago, SVRCINA scored her first publishing deal at just 13 years old. Fast forward to present day, and SVRCINA is continuing to dazzle us with her undeniable talent. Having written over 500 songs, the Music City-based songstress is treating us to the artistic visual for “Flowers.”

On the “Flowers” visual, SVRCINA explained,

“‘Flowers’ has been one of the most artistically vulnerable songs I’ve released, and communicating its message visually was truly a new layer. Working with Bree Marie Fish (Dan Auerbach, Josie Dunne) on videos for two other singles, I trust her artistic vision and I’m so grateful for how she melts into artists’ creativity, yet crafts and directs each story in such a fresh way.”

A synthpop masterpiece in its own right, “Flowers” urges us to seek beauty in anything and everything. No matter how grim the circumstances may be, SVRCINA encourages us to recognize the good in bad, which is something we totally back up. The “Flowers” music video has SVRCINA sitting among a wide assortment of flowers as she fully appreciates their different sizes, colors, lengths, and everything in between. 

“It was really important to communicate the simplicity of seeing and creating beauty in every circumstance. Together, this collaboration and video has been our most colorful, emotional, and purposeful yet.” 

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