Gia Woods Gazes at Herself in the Mirror in Dramatic “EGO” Video

Photo Credit: Nat Souza (@muppetsonfilm)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 16, 2020

Like many young adults today, Gia Woods’ parents considered music a mere hobby and refused to believe it could lead their determined daughter to a promising career. Now in 2020, Woods is proving her doubtful parents wrong by penning the most heartfelt songs that genuinely resonate with her listeners. No longer afraid to hide herself from the music world, Woods is revealing another side of the Persian community with a fantastic new single, “EGO.”

On “EGO,” Gia Woods shared,

“I wrote ‘EGO’ about a past relationship. It felt like a never ending cycle of ego trips and with that comes a lot of power struggles and pettiness. When two people have big egos, there’s almost never a solution. You’re just in a constant state of fighting and ignoring the obvious.”

Lyrically, “EGO” focuses on how relationships can be destroyed by power struggles, which is something not many people may think about when getting involved with someone. With tasty vocal warps and stirring electronics, “EGO” reminds us exactly why Woods is one of our favorite emerging queer artists. Whether it be a gorgeous gown or assorted jewelry, the cinematic “EGO” video showcases emerald green accents that likely symbolizes jealousy.

“For my EP ‘Cut Season,’ I wanted to dive into all the toxic people I felt I was surrounded by and emotional patterns I noticed in other people and even in myself. These were reasons to cut them out one by one.” 

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