Voodoo Bandits’ Explosive Indie Rock Stuns Us with “Empty Swimming Pool”

Photo Credit: Christopher Brew (@chrissbrew)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 13, 2020

We love a tasty indie rock band just like everyone else, but something about Voodoo Bandits catches our attention like no other. The UK-based four-piece carves out such a lively sound that reminds us of better days. As their first release of 2020, Voodoo Bandits is treating us to the incredible “Empty Swimming Pool.”

On “Empty Swimming Pool,” Voodoo Bandits’ vocalist Ben Donaldson shared,

“I was creating many fast-paced indie rollercoasters in December 2019, and this one just stood out to us! It had a real uplifting feel and groove. We quickly added it to our set before our England debut that same week, and it has served us well as an attention-grabbing set opener since!”

Opening with electrifying guitars, “Empty Swimming Pool” reels us in with Voodoo Bandits’ ability to fuse together jumpy percussion and soaring vocals. As they preach a message of counter culture, Voodoo Bandits acknowledges the importance of weighing our decisions before making them. Before the high energy track comes to an end, we’re taken on a sonic journey through defying riffs and endless grooves that make us want to crowd surf at their next show. 

“I wrote the lyrics with my dog, which is probably why they don’t make too much sense, but we both love the counter culture; and that is what this song is about. But if that’s not for you, alternatively it is about the blurry outcome of our decisions with symbolic imagery!”

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