Phangs’ Synth Pop Is Captivating Our Minds and We’re “Okay With That”

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Day (@jacquelineday)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 13, 2020

Born and raised in the early 90s, Phangs is easily our favorite rising pop act from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s always swept us off our feet with his synth pop righteousness, and his 2020 releases will be no exception. With plenty of love and heartbreak on his mind, Phangs offers his entrancing new single, “Okay With That.”

“Okay With That” has Phangs blaming the world wide web for his relationship failing. The synth-driven track showcases Phang’s airy vocals as he sings about how social media has such a profound effect on our lives and relationships. The accompanying “Okay With That” visual follows Phangs around the house as his love interest is glued to her phone, leading Phangs to recognize how toxic technology can really be. 

On “Okay With That,” Phangs explained,

“‘Okay With That’ is a song about relationships and the Internet, and how weird and confusing it all is. We all live and communicate on our phones, so sometimes even the smallest post can trigger a reaction or memory that you haven’t taken the time to properly deal with… Again, because the Internet is weird.”

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