Alex Porat Calls Out Her Exes in “only hanging out cause i’m lonely”

Photo Credit: Mariah Hamilton (@goodgirlnoproblem)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 12, 2020

What started off as Alex Porat posting spontaneous covers of popular songs has evolved into a legitimate music career for the Canadian singer-songwriter. With bouncy electronics and charming melodies, Porat’s lovable sound is absolutely irresistible–and Shawn Mendes agrees. Her impeccable new single, “only hanging out cause i’m lonely” is the perfect tune to get you hooked on this rising pop star. 

Written about the complexities of dating and loneliness, “only hanging out cause i’m lonely” hears Porat doing an insane deep dive of her past as she realizes that the lines had been blurred for quite some time. Aside from the self-reflective message, “only hanging out cause i’m lonely” features twinkly synths and Porat’s charismatic vocals that draw us in with ease. The Iris Kim-directed visual follows a jaded Porat dating three guys who are incredibly affectionate–only to reveal that none of these relationships lasted because she was ultimately uninterested. 

On “only hanging out cause i’m lonely,” Alex Porat reflected,

“Dating can be weird and confusing. Our dependency on technology isolates us and makes us crave companionship, sometimes for the wrong reasons. ‘only hanging out cause i’m lonely’ was written about that struggle. Shout out to all the guys I dated for way too long for the sake of dating. This one’s for you.”

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