Time Runs Away from Healy in “Nikes On”

Photo Credit: Henry O. Head (@henryohead)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 10, 2020

R&B, hip hop, and pop seem to fit together all too perfectly for Healy. The Memphis based artist fuses these three genres together to create an otherworldly soundscape that only he can give rise to. With discography that focuses heavily on self-discovery and non-dualism, Healy continues to amaze us with the brutally eye-opening “Nikes On.”

On “Nikes On,” Healy shared,

“I hadn’t lived the life I needed to live to finish writing ‘Nikes On’ until August of 2019. The song centers around the feeling of time running away from you. It serves as a reminder to be self-aware and present because time never stops, and fighting it is wasting it.”

Healy proves that he knows exactly what it feels like when time seems to leave you trailing way behind in “Nikes On.” Although Healy probably doesn’t have a brand deal with Nike, he uses these renown shoes as a metaphor for time running away from us. With stirring production layered over Healy’s laid back vocals, “Nikes On” could very well become a new addition to your running playlist. 

“I wanted to pair this stern, surreal personification of time with promising and uplifting production to convey a sense of harmony and acceptance of time. Time is yours for the taking, not the other way around.”

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