Great News Imagines Being on a Life Ruining “Reality Show”

Photo Credit: Jonathan Vivaas Kise (@jonathanvivaaskise)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 10, 2020

Is there anything Great News can’t do? The Norwegian daze-pop trio can convince you that they excel in garage rock, but by the hook of a track, they’ve become an unstoppable alternative pop force. Before Great News drops their forthcoming sophomore album, Now and Them, they’re delivering a unique new single, “Reality Show.”

With psychedelic pop and synth rock cadences, “Reality Show” features groovy guitars and irresistible synths that’ll make you fall in love with Great News. As the eclectic trio discusses the paradoxes of social media infamy, they recognize that some people clearly seek fame for questionable motives. Since shows like The Bachelor and Love Island have been widely watched across the world for years, it’s clever of Great News to address these concerns now.

On “Reality Show,” Great News shared,

“It’s that story about the guy who doesn’t foresee the impact joining a reality show has for his future. He’s also bitter because he realizes that the whole world watched him make all these bad decisions and that’s what he’ll forever be known for. The dude who had sex on TV.”

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