Lowercase People Captivates Us with Atmospheric “Blooming”

Photo Credit: Lowercase People (@lowercasepeoplenj)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 6, 2020

Analog never sounded so good–thanks to Lowercase People. Known for fusing sample-based electronica and alternative rock into their discography, Lowercase People is made of Noah Saunders and Tommy McKelvey, two New Jersey musicians who know how to draw in crowds. Before next month’s release of their debut EP, Influx, Lowercase People is treating us to “Blooming,” an atmospheric single that nearly stops us dead in our tracks.

After a tedious process of trial and error, Lowercase People finalized the very indie track that is “Blooming.” Not only does “Blooming” highlight the New Jersey band’s knack for analog and sampling experimentation, but it also offers insight on Lowercase People’s creative process. Not every artist can create sonically compelling tracks, but Lowercase People certainly can.

On “Blooming,” Lowercase People shared,

“It was basically taking a demo that Tommy made on his sampler, along with fitting a Rhodes keyboard melody that I wrote to it. Lots of sampling involved, lots of looping…”

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