PRIZM’s “Move Me” Is Calling You to the Dance Floor

Photo Credit: Jessica Rockwell (@jrockwellphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 2, 2020

Synthwave is back and better than ever, baby! Comprised of Danni James and Krisluv, PRIZM is a retro-pop duo that’s graciously reviving our love of the groovy 80s. Now hard at work on their next album, PRIZM has dropped an infectiously funky new single, “Move Me.”

On “Move Me,” PRIZM reflected,

“‘Move Me’ started as a simple track idea back in 2019. Other ideas came and went, but we just kept coming back to it. Our recent releases all dealt with heavier topics like heartbreak and nostalgia, so we were eager to get back to something more carefree. Something that just makes you want to move.”

The hook-driven track reminds us exactly of the decade of bold perms and stylish hoop earrings. With an abundance of retro synths heard throughout, “Move Me” makes it impossible to stand still because all you’ll want to do is dance your butt off. PRIZM has always been one of our favorite retro-pop acts, and “Move Me” indisputably takes gold home in our book. 

“So in January 2020, we locked ourselves in our Fort Worth studio and made it happen. We want this to be an unplugging song for people, whether it’s a workout or night out. We hope you feel it!”

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