Inner Wave’s Synthy Righteousness Can’t Be Stopped with “Schemin”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 2, 2020

Five young Latino friends from Inglewood joined forces years ago to form Inner Wave, which is easily one of the best indie bands we’ve been fortunate enough to know. Blending elements of indie rock, Latin beats, hip hop, and R&B, Inner Wave is truly changing the game with their insatiable sound that can’t be replicated. Ahead of their forthcoming wyd EP, which is slated for release in April, Inner Wave is blessing us with a brilliant new single, “Schemin.”

As “Schemin” showers us with the waviest synths and theremin-esque vibes, we’re absolutely certain that Inner Wave can’t disappoint us even if they tried. Although Inner Wave doesn’t dabble too much in dance music, “Schemin” offers a hint of those sonics beneath Pablo Sotelo’s signature vocals. The accompanying lyric video follows Sotelo on a long night drive in his stylish convertible, and the Los Angeles band has been encouraging their fans to recreate the moody visual on social media. 

On “Schemin,” Inner Wave shared,

“So excited to share this first single from our new EP. ‘Schemin’ out now on all platforms! Tag us in videos of y’all driving around to this. Bowie’s favorites will show up on our story. LOVE Y’ALL.”

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