Genevieve Stokes Breaks Unhealthy Cycles in “Surface Tension”

Photo Credit: Abbie Pitre (@abbiepitre)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 2, 2020

Considering her elevated level of maturity and poignancy, you wouldn’t believe Genevieve Stokes is only 18 years old. The Maine based songstress channels her adolescent mind to craft coming-of-age narratives that often reflect her personal experiences. To introduce you to the alluring Stokes, we’re pleased to share her mesmerizing new single, “Surface Tension.”

With a serene piano arrangement that’ll make every negative thought flee your mind, “Surface Tension” has Stokes coming to terms with the destructive situations she had put herself in two years ago. Although Stokes seeks to comfort those who are currently experiencing the anxiety and loneliness she felt at age 16, she’s also allowing herself to be fully vulnerable with her captivated audience. Because of this, we have major respect for the rising alternative pop songstress and trust that she’ll continue to genuinely connect with listeners for plenty of years to come.

On “Surface Tension,” Genevieve Stokes reflected,

“‘Surface Tension’ came from a subconscious place of feeling unwanted and unfulfilled. I was 16 when I wrote it, and felt disassociated from my relationships and myself. I was lonelier than I had ever been and it was my doing. It’s about acknowledging this unhealthy cycle and trying to change it.”

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