Ender Wright Overcomes His Ego in “The Price Is Pride”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 2, 2020

Ender Wright’s origin story is truly one of a kind. A student of his discovered his years old mixtape online, and Wright’s amateur rapping was blasted across the school within two days. Because the principal found it obscene to hire an ex-rapper as a teacher, Wright was fired on the spot. Well, we’re actually glad that he left that teaching gig because now he’s reigniting his musical flame with “The Price Is Pride.”

On “The Price Is Pride,” Ender Wright explained,

“When D Becc and I first started working together, he had sent me a Dropbox folder full of beats. I gravitated to this one immediately because of the Khalid-esque guitar. I almost never have to think of what to write about; the mood of the beat tells me what to say.”

The opening rhythm guitars in “The Price Is Pride” pull us in instantly, but it’s not until we hear Wright’s mature lyricism that we’re absolutely hooked. As he raps about taking responsibility for his mistakes, Wright vows to love his girl the right way from here on out. With D Becc’s incredible production skills and Wright’s reflective lyricism, “The Price Is Pride” shows us exactly why this fantastic duo is here to stay. 

“When I heard this one, one poured a story about a guy realizing he needs to overcome his ego and apologize for the way he treated the girl he loves. He acknowledges his handling of the situation was immature, apologizes, and vows to never make the same mistake again. I’ve been with my girlfriend Sam for ten years, since we were 17. And this was an important lesson I learned early on. That lesson manifested itself in ‘The Price Is Pride,’ one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.”

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