ren Takes a Fierce Jab at Anxiety in “i drive me mad”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 28, 2020

Considering her forthcoming EP, teenage angst, there’s no one better than ren to unravel the complicated brain of an evolving teenager. Although she’s only 17 years old, ren has quite a lot to say about the first two decades of life. The rising pop songstress made her exhilarating debut last year with slow tempo tracks, but now she’s kicking it up a notch with her grungy new single,“i drive me mad.”

Plunging deep into her anxiety and panic, “i drive me mad” has ren yelling at herself because of the constant agitation she faces. Beneath the overlying message, “i drive me mad” is drenched with tenacious guitars and ren’s fierce vocals, which never once dwindle. The accompanying visual has ren barging into a school toilet stall and being unable to escape the flickering lights, which undoubtedly represent her anxiety. 

On “i drive me mad,” ren shared,

“‘i drive me mad’ is a really important song to me because it’s really a look inside my brain and the anxiety and panic I deal with nearly every day. I wrote this song after having a really bad panic attack and it made it so honest and easy to write. It’s the first song I’m putting out that I feel like has a really important relatable message and I’m super excited about this one!”

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