Alt Bloom Is Absolutely Smitten in “Damn Baby”

Photo Credit: Tasha Belikove (@tashabelikove)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 28, 2020

Ethan Thompson has done some serious soul searching that led him to not only a treacherous ten-hour trek up Mount Siyeh in Montana, but also to his alternative R&B project, Alt Bloom. Although Alt Bloom is a fairly new venture, he’s already become one of our favorite up-and-coming acts because of his charismatic personality and charming melodies. To top off our compliments, we’re pleased to announce that Alt Bloom has released another stunning track, “Damn Baby.”

Alt Bloom must really be missing summer romances and sunny LA weather because that’s exactly what “Damn Baby” is all about. Written about someone whom Alt Bloom is absolutely smitten by, “Damn Baby” has him realizing how much of an impact this one woman has had on him. The subtle tambourines and gracious snaps in this radiant tune are the cherry on top that’ll have you pleasantly surprised. 

On “Damn Baby,” Alt Bloom reflected,

“‘Damn Baby’ was actually written top to bottom on a plane. I still have a voice memo of me whispering it into my phone trying not to tick off my fellow riders. Hence the line ‘I’m writing songs ‘bout you on the back of a plane.’ It’s also one of my very favorites to play live.” 

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