LOONY Romanticizes Harsh Truths in “WHiTE LiE”

Photo Credit: Erin Leydon (@erinleydon)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 27, 2020

Toronto may famously be home to the rap legend known as Drake, but its creative suburb of Scarborough is where our next obsession hails from. With cozy vocals and warping sonic styles, LOONY is continuing to impress us with every fantastic release. Ahead of her forthcoming EP, JOYRiDE, the soulful songstress is treating us to the intricate “WHiTE LiE.”

On “WHiTE LiE,” LOONY explained,

“Lyrically, for me this song is about romanticizing and re-imagining truths that you’re otherwise hesitant to face. And then sonically, this song just feels fucking mean, and that sort of mimics the jaded and blasé tone I wrote it in.”

As we learn more about LOONY’s brilliant mind through “WHiTE LiE,” it becomes clear that this R&B artist knows exactly what she wants to say. With the laid back instrumentals juxtaposed with her versatile vocals, “WHiTE LiE” pefectly showcases LOONY’s undeniable meticulosity. As LOONY sifts through her mind for closure in “WHiTE LiE,” we’re led to do the same. 

“But there are also parts in the music that feel strangely joyous and even magical, and I think that reflects the feelings of imagination–or delusion–depending on how you look at it. And in a nutshell, that’s a good representation of how the whole project is… an organized musical chaos that acts as a mirror, and an armor, for my inner-most thoughts.”

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