Hayden Everett Wants That “Fast Love” You Can’t Run Away From

Photo Credit: Jenna Hurley (@jennahurley)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 27, 2020

Joining us from the Bay Area is pop/R&B songwriter Hayden Everett, who has roots in jazz piano, folk, and indie music. With every thoughtful release, Everett strives to instill more compassion and wonder in his audience while recognizing the beauty of the written word. It’s safe to say that Everett has accomplished these goals in his latest entrancing single, “Fast Love.”

“Fast Love” showers us with electrifying guitars and Everett’s echoey vocals that are truly out of this world. As Everett describes the rapid pace at which our emotions can develop, we’re reminded of his appreciation for truthful lyricism. The charming track closes with choir-like backing vocals fading into the abyss of inescapable love. 

On “Fast Love,” Hayden Everett reflected,

“‘Fast Love’ is a song that encapsulates the feeling of transition and change. Whether it’s familial, romantic, or friendship love, it sometimes has the tendency to pull us in quickly.”

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