Ruben Dawnson Goes Stir Crazy in “FYALMA” Video

Photo Credit: Adrian Rudi (@ungerudi)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 26, 2020

As someone who has plenty on his mind, Ruben Dawnson has turned to making music as some sort of therapeutic outlet. The young Norwegian artist credits Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator as some of his most notable influences, which is quite evident in his indie pop gems. As Dawnson prepares for an exhilarating year ahead, he’s treating us to the melancholic music video for “FYALMA.”

On “FYALMA,” Ruben Dawnson shared,

“This is by far the most liberating song I’ve ever written! It’s a big fuck you anthem to anxiety! Like many others, I’ve been struggling with it for a long time… Hopefully this can lift people’s spirits and I hope people will connect with it and scream out the lyrics!”

An abbreviation for “Fuck You Anxiety Leave Me Alone,” Dawnson’s latest track is sure to be an anthem for those who have anxiety and are still learning to cope with it. Basically, Dawnson expresses exactly what people have been wanting to scream at their inner demons since the beginning of time. The accompanying visual sees Dawnson scurrying around Oslo as he continually looks over his shoulder as if he’s being chased.

“I really want it to reach as many people and help create a big ‘fuck you’ wave towards anxiety! I know it won’t solve any deep issues people might have, but hopefully it can make someone feel less lonely.”

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