Jensen McRae Warns Us of Men Disguised as “Wolves”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 26, 2020

Jensen McRae is a bi-racial black and Jewish woman who grew up in predominantly white spaces, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking ownership of her beautiful life. With songs that touch on all aspects of identity, McRae is a natural storyteller and we’re so glad we get the opportunity to hear her side of the story. With big plans for 2020, the 22-year-old continues to break boundaries with her vulnerable new single, “Wolves.” 

With her velvety vocals in the spotlight, McRae wants everyone to know they’re not alone as she recounts her many negative encounters with horrible men. Not only does McRae describe men as wolves, but she also outlines the countless lasting effects these grim situations can have. The delicate plucking in “Wolves” creates such an eerie soundscape that’s contrasted by McRae’s gorgeous vocals. 

On the “Wolves” visual, Jensen McRae shared,

“This visual is a sort of confessional. By writing the lyrics in a notebook, the song becomes a diary entry. The sharp cuts lend themselves to the raw, fragmented way that stories of sexual harassment and assault get told. And while I tend to write my lyrics digitally, I spend hours filling longhand journal pages with my feelings, so this is definitely a nod to that as well.”

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