Siaira Shawn Explores Friends with Benefits in “Wolf” Video

Photo Credit: Alexis Casson (@golexgo)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 25, 2020

Immediately after her stellar theatre performance in Alice in Wonderland received a standing ovation, Siaira Shawn knew she was destined to be on the stage for life. It wasn’t until Shawn had cultivated theatre, literature, and poetry for years that she discovered her passion for music. Her latest EP, Tender (2019), is an absolute gem, and now she’s treating us to a compelling visual for a fan favorite, “Wolf.”

“Wolf” is as seductive as it is straightforward. With Shawn laying out the conditions of a friends with benefits relationship, “Wolf” features the most soulful and sultry vocals that will make you lose your mind. Even the funky bass lines perfectly compliment Shawn’s captivating soundscape that you just can’t escape. 

The Alexis Casson-directed visual follows Shawn as she reminds her lover to lock up the house when she leaves for the day. As her friend with benefits seems to make herself extra comfortable at Shawn’s house, our protagonist is seen sharing food and riding bikes with another woman. Eventually, Shawn returns to the house with her friend turned lover to find the woman we first met still inside. What happens next is for you to find out…

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