Opposites Attract for Shannen James in “Collide”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 25, 2020

Chances are you’ve never once heard of Shannen James, but you’re seriously about to fall in love with this Australian singer-songwriter. Although she only has two singles under her belt, we’re certain that she’ll continue to grow along with her discography. As a follow up to her 2019 debut single, James is offering us the mesmerizing “Collide.”

On “Collide,” Shannen James explained,

“It’s a song about connecting with someone who is exactly the polar opposite of you in every way. As the old saying goes, ‘opposites attract.’ There’s a common ground of love and an undeniable connection and attraction.” 

Produced by Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis, BROODS), “Collide” has James reflecting on relationships that unexpectedly spark fireworks. The uplifting track is adorned with irresistible strumming and rich clashing, but James’ lovely vocals are what really keeps us listening. The accompanying visual encompasses James’ timeless soundscape as we follow James and her friends on a summer road trip that ends with a lively carnival.

“‘Collide’ is delivered as though it’s a romantic encounter. It can be related to all kinds of relationships in our lives. That’s the beauty of it. We all have people who drive us crazy, yet draw us into their worlds because they’re so different from our own. I want this song to be a reminder we can always find something in each other to connect with.”

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